Spirit cards are an incredible way to raise funds, whether your church or school group or sports team needs $500 or $5,000 – or even more. If you aren’t familiar with these cards, you’ll soon see just how amazing they really are, and how easy it is to raise a substantial amount of money quickly, and with far less effort than other well-known products and activities.

Fundraiser cards have long been the perfect way to raise money for school organizations, church groups, sports teams and other charities, for many reasons. They’re more profitable than any other popular fundraising products you could think of – candy bars, jerky, candles, popcorn, cookie dough – you name it, and the profit margins simply aren’t as high as what you will enjoy with fundraiser cards. If yours is one of the few groups that has never tried this method of raising money, there are countless reasons why you should.

Has your school, church, athletic team or other group or organization ever considered fundraiser discount cards when you need to raise funds? Most non-profits rely on donations from businesses and individuals to meet their financial needs. However, considering economic conditions today there are many who simply cannot afford to donate – which means your group is left to come up with some ideas on how to raise money

Fundraiser cards can be promoted any time of the year, spring, summer, fall, or winter. Customers are always happy to buy, because they get such a bargain considering the money they will save over the coming year with the deals offered on the cards. Card bearers enjoy 10% to 25% on food, oil changes, family activities, a membership at the local gym, hair care – the neat thing is, your group can provide a wishlist merchants you want to participate.

Times are hard, money is tight – the best reason of all to rely on fundraising cards for your group or organization’s money needs. For decades, school sports teams, the school band and PTO organizations have counted on PTO fundraising cards to raise the funds they need, in addition to donations from individuals and businesses. Today, they’re just as effective as ever, perhaps even more so because of the economic condition of the country today and over the last 4 years.

Fundraising cards are one of the best – no, THE best – way to raise funds for any church group, sports team, school or other organization that generally receives their funding through donations. When you think about it, there really are endless ways to raise money between all of the popular products available, activities and other functions. Auctions, walk-a-thons, car washes, bake sales,

Super profits in less time. These cards are super profitable, and the more your group or organization sells, the higher your profit margins go. Can you imagine raising $10,000 or more with candy bars or cookie dough? With these handy (and valuable) little cards, it’s easy to raise that kind of money and much more in far less time than with other methods/products. Non-profit organizations won’t have to put down hundreds of dollars upfront

You don’t have to limit yourself or your profit potential though, as a discount cards fundraiser will also work with any other product or method you choose to raise the money your group needs. Many church youth groups get involved in car washes in warmer months; those who want a car wash usually donate $5 or $10 – but what if the teens offered discount cards as well? You would be surprised how many who come through to get a car wash also buy a card,

The great thing about spirit cards is that everyone can get involved. For instance, school kids can sell the cards when their group needs new uniforms or wants to go on a trip to the zoo, but parents can sell them as well. Imagine how much money could be raised if both the kids and the parents offer the cards at church, ball games, work, even when you run in to someone you know at the supermarket or movie theater. The potential is really unlimited

Discount cards stimulate the local economy through the local merchants, who enjoy increased business when a potential new customer comes in to enjoy the discount. All around, it’s an affordable, more profitable way to raise money whether your group is in need of a few hundred dollars, or even tens of thousands.