Your group can raise the funds you need with hardly any preparation and far less work. With fundraiser cards, the only thing you need are the cards – no boxes to lug around, no catalogs and order forms to keep up with. Because they’re so easy to take along anywhere you go, they’re always available should an opportunity to make a sale present itself. Whether you’re at work, school, at a sporting event or movie, eating out, shopping, even at the gas station, when you run into someone you know you’ve got the cards with you

Fundraising cards are one of the best – no, THE best – way to raise funds for any church group, sports team, school or other organization that generally receives their funding through donations. When you think about it, there really are endless ways to raise money between all of the popular products available, activities and other functions. Auctions, walk-a-thons, car washes, bake sales,

With fundraising cards, you never have to worry about storage either – whether you have the room, whether the items are perishable, etc. Since they are the size of a credit card, you can just tuck them away in a drawer or cabinet until you need them. They’re also far more profitable than other common fundraising products you may have sold in the past, profit margins go higher than 100%

Most people, even those on a tight budget, don’t mind spending $10 on something that will save them a substantial amount of money throughout the year. Maybe it’s because you just didn’t know how fundraising cards work or how effective they are. Or, maybe it’s just because your group is comfortable with doing something they know works, and we all know old habits are hard to break. No matter what the reason, you’ll find the information

The reason that fundraising cards are one of the easiest products you can sell is that the customer pays only $10 and gets to save on all of the offers on the back of the card for a one year time period.