Fundraising Cards for Schools Give Consumers What They Want Today

High-School-Volleyball-Fundraising-CardsFundraising cards have been around for years, but unlike some of the other traditional methods used to raise money, they’re more popular than ever. In the past, chocolate candy bars, jerky, wrapping paper, and catalog items worked well – and they still work to an extent today. However, people today are in a rush, looking for immediate gratification and convenience, which is exactly what they enjoy with fundraising cards. Of course, the opportunity to save a bundle of money doesn’t hurt, either!

Whether yours is a school or church group, a sports team, or other non-profit organization, you will find these cards amazing in terms of profitability and ease. Unlike other methods that usually require a lot of work and planning, fundraising cards require very little planning and hardly any work, considering they sell so easily and don’t require toting around cartons or boxes.

Consumers enjoy the cards because they get them as soon as they make payment, and can use them immediately. This means the selling is super-easy for your group, as the cards offer 15%, 20%, 25% discounts and buy-one-get-one-free savings at their favorite merchants, those in their own local community. In addition, the purchaser enjoys these discounts for a full year, so you can see the savings they enjoy after paying only $10 for the card. Fast foods, restaurants, hair salons, gyms, the local flower shop, car care services, family activities such as the movies or bowling – these are things the typical family spends money on regularly, so the savings really add up.

Fundraising cards for Schools are possibly more profitable for your group than any other activity or product you could think of for raising funds. Considering that at the very minimum your group will earn $5 for every card sold, you can see how it’s easy to reach a substantial amount of money quickly. If your group is a large one, the profit margins get even bigger. Basically, the more cards your organization purchases and sells, the higher the profits soar – in fact, profit margins go above 100% in some cases, because you get 200 cards free for every 1,000 you purchase. It truly is incredible! Instead of it taking months to raise a few thousand dollars, your group can accomplish your goal in weeks.

Is it hard to get merchants to participate and offer discounts or other offers on fundraising cards? Not usually, because local merchants are usually happy to help out when it comes to charities, and it boosts their integrity in the eyes of the community. They also enjoy free exposure and advertising, which brings in new customers who may come in simply because there is a special discount – but that person may become a customer for life. It’s really a win-win situation for the merchant, so you will find it isn’t too difficult to get them to offer a special “deal” for the backs of the cards.

Today, many people are more concerned about saving money and eating healthier, which means many are reluctant to buy candy bars and cookie dough. There are countless reasons that fundraising cards have remained so popular for so many years, but the biggest reason is perhaps because of the money savings, especially during tough economic times such as we have experienced in recent years. Give your customers what they want, and enjoy great profits without all the sweat and physical labor!