Easy Fundraising is No Problem For Any Group With the Right Product!

schoolsMost schools, churches and other organizations search for easy fundraising ideas in order to raise the money they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. Truthfully, some products can be really hard to sell because of the complications involved such as choosing a product or having to wait for an order to come in. Most people want the item they paid for immediately, and would rather not have to wait. This article offers some easy fundraising tips so that your next effort will be a huge success!

Easy fundraising begins with a product that is easy to sell, and that a Chalk Boardcustomer will actually use. For years, popular fundraising products have included chocolate candy bars, cookie dough, candles, popcorn, and catalog items to name a few. The problem with this is that a customer pays a hefty price for a candy bar, and it’s gone in 5 minutes. Customers like to feel that they are getting great value for their money, and easy fundraising is accomplished when you offer a product that provides real value for the cost.

Often times, raising money for your athletic group, church youth group or any organization entails a great deal of hard work – more than you thought it would when things were in the planning stage. Below are a few easy fundraising tips that will help make it all less stressful for you and those who participate.

* Is there a lack of help? If you are trying to organize everything yourself, no wonder you are stressed out. This is one of the most common reasons that raising funds for your cause becomes overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to recruit more help, and look for volunteers instead of going in circles trying to accomplish everything on your own.

* Share the work by delegating others to take care of specific tasks. This will help even out the work load, and help you relax so that you can actually enjoy what you are doing and concentrate on the reason you are doing it in the first place.

* Brainstorm! Nothing is more effective than gathering your group together and deciding how you can make your fundraiser run more smoothly. If you have a fundraiser annually, plan ahead so that next year things will be less stressful and complicated.

* Raising the funds for your group or non-profit organization should be fun; everyone should enjoy themselves and realize they are supporting their cause. If it seems that it just isn’t worth the effort and stress involved, discard your idea and look for other ways to make money that are simple and uncomplicated.

friend-circleEvery aspect of your efforts should be as simple as possible. With some products, there is tax to consider, shipping costs, estimated arrival time, etc. Every additional detail makes things more time consuming and confusing for you, the children or individuals selling the product, and the customer. Simplicity cannot be stressed enough when it comes to easy fundraising; a product that is available at the moment of purchase, that provides services the customer will use and includes no additional fees or transactions means easy profits.

For your next fundraiser, keep these things in mind. The less those selling the product have to keep track of, the better. The same goes for customers, who love supporting the community but want value for a good price. Discount fundraising cards offer discounts and specials on products and services people use every day of their lives, and are available as soon as they hand over their money. If you are searching for easy fundraising ideas, nothing is easier than this – or more profitable.

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