Fundraiser Cards are a Fresh and Easy Way to Raise Funds

Pop Warner Football Fundraising CardsSchool kids have notoriously used chocolate candy bars, cookie dough, and catalog items to raise funds – and if you have been involved for many years, you may be looking for a fresh, easier way to raise money. Have you tried fundraiser cards? While they have been around for probably as long as most other popular fundraising items, they’re far less work and far more profitable. Isn’t it time to try a method that really works and lets your group or organization raise the amount of money you need in only a fraction of the time?

Below are a few facts about fundraiser cards you may not know.

Pop Warner Football Fundraising Cards offer higher profit margins than most other fundraising items. The majority of products designed for groups and organization that need to raise money offer profit margins of about 50%. While this isn’t bad, it certainly isn’t as good as it can be! Considering that you earn about $1 or $1.50 on a chocolate candy bar, it’s going to take a long time to raise even $500, let alone $5,000. With the cards, the minimum profit you can expect is $5 per card – and if you have a large group and can sell 2,000 card, you enjoy profit margins of 102.5% – that’s huge! You actually make $8.54 per card, so imagine how fast you could earn tens of thousands of dollars. Hard to imagine that is possible, but it absolutely is.

Customers prefer value over fattening “junk” foods that offer no real benefit. Everyone loves a good candy bar or cookie every now and then, but when people have to budget their money, the last thing they want to do is spend $10 or $12 on cookie dough. With fundraiser cards, the value is real. Customers enjoy saving money at a dozen or more merchants in their own neighborhoods, merchants such as restaurants, car care shops, hair salons, the local bowling alley or on other family activities. These are necessary expenses for most people, and who wouldn’t enjoy saving 20% on a burger and fries combo? You can imagine how the savings add up over the course of one year – and the customer can, too. This means easy selling, and reaching your goal faster with less effort.

Your group can raise the funds you need with hardly any preparation and far less work. With fundraiser cards, the only thing you need are the cards – no boxes to lug around, no catalogs and order forms to keep up with. Because they’re so easy to take along anywhere you go, they’re always available should an opportunity to make a sale present itself. Whether you’re at work, school, at a sporting event or movie, eating out, shopping, even at the gas station, when you run into someone you know you’ve got the cards with you. And as far as prep work goes? All you have to do is secure merchants’ participation, order the number of cards you need and let the company design them for you, then wait for their arrival. Once the cards come in the mail, your organization is ready to begin selling! The company will even secure merchants for you if you prefer, so even that step can be eliminated.

After a while, you get tired of selling popcorn and jerky – and so do all of those in your group. Choosing something fresh and different can often reinvigorate those involved, give them something to look forward to. With fundraiser cards the profits are incredible, the work easy, the selling almost effortless. Why not give it a try and see for yourself?