Fundraising Cards – #1 For a Reason

Fundraising cards are number one when it comes to profitability and value to the customer, which is one reason they Field Tripare so popular with churches, schools and other non-profit organizations today. Whether you are raising money for cancer, need money for the 4th grade class to go on a field trip, or need a new church van due to the growth of membership, fundraising cards should not be overlooked. There really is no quicker way to raise the funds you need for any cause or project – and the minimal work involved is one more reason you should give them a try.

How do fundraising cards work? Normally, you will find 12 to 15 merchants on the backs of the cards; these are national and local merchants, so that the majority of the money spent stays in your local community. These merchants offer savings of some sort, such as 10% or 20% off on an oil change, buy a hamburger get a free fry, and other deals in the local area. The reason that fundraising cards are one of the easiest products you can sell is that the customer pays only $10 and gets to save on all of the offers on the back of the card for a one year time period. As you can imagine, the customer can easily save ten times or more the amount paid for the card.Athletics Sports Fundraising Card Sample

Now, for another reason fundraising cards are one of the hottest fundraising items today. They offer support for your project or cause, and support for the local merchants! Do the candy bars, beef jerky and other products you typically sell support those businesses in your own back yard? Not likely – other than the money you raise for your group, everything else goes to the national business or organization, which doesn’t help your local economy in the least. Fundraising cards help business growth in your area simply because those who buy the cards may visit a merchant for the first time in order to get the savings, then become a customer for life.

The profits are simply amazing, to put it bluntly. What other product can you think of that allows you to earn thousands of dollar easily, with little effort? Fundraising cards are the most profitable item you will find when you are trying to raise money, hands down. How much money do you typically make when you sell a box of cookie dough – $6 or $8? Now, during a time when people have lost their jobs and money is tight, will they want to buy a $12 box of cookie dough or a $10 card that lets them save a bundle of money on products and services they would have to spend money on regardless of their budget? The choice is clear, and it’s easy to understand why.

fundraising cardsFundraising cards require a minimal amount of planning; in fact, all you do is have the company print them up for you and ship them out to you, then your group is ready to go! The company where you purchase will take care of securing merchant participation, they will place your organization name or logo on the front, and ship them to you often at no up-front cost. If you can find a better deal than that, you better jump on it because you just don’t find anything this easy very often.

When you need to raise money, whether a small or substantial amount, make it easier on yourself and everyone involved. Fundraising cards are a simple solution for those churches, schools and other organizations that need to raise funds in a hurry, and want to do it with as little preparation as possible.