Fundraising Cards Are Hassle Free and Hugely Profitable

Fundraising CardsMost likely your organization has heard of fundraising cards; after all, they have been around for years. However, if your church, school or other non-profit organization has never used fundraising cards, there are countless reasons you should give them a try, not the least of which is the fact that they are super profitable and easy to sell. If your group is still stuck on candy bars, cookie dough, bake sales and car washes, isn’t it time to do something different – and perhaps even fun and refreshing after years of the same old products and activities?

There are plenty of reasons you should consider fundraising cards the next time your group needs to raise money, here are just a few to give you food for thought:

They offer value to the customer. Perhaps more important than anything else, fundraising cards offer real value to the customer, which is important during times when the economy is downtrodden. With these cards, consumers save money and get “deals” at local merchants in there own areas. The customer can enjoy these savings for an entire years from the date of purchase, and for just $10 will realize substantial savings.

They’re easy for individuals of all ages. Small children often have a difficult time lugging around boxes of candy, cookie dough and Car load of boxes to be deliveredmerchandise catalogs; it isn’t easy for children to keep up with things. Even adults often don’t like the hassle of transporting a lot of good around in their cars, and candy bars, cookie dough and other perishables often don’t hold up well in hot summer months. Fundraising cards are easy to take everywhere you go; just tuck them in a wallet, purse or pocket and you’re ready to make a sale any time the opportunity presents itself.

They stimulate the local economy. Since fundraising cards are designed to offer special deals and money savings at merchants in your own local community, merchants benefit which means the entire community benefits. Merchants enjoy increased business as people come in to enjoy the savings offered on the card; the merchant may also attract new customers as those who have never patronized their business come in to take advantage of the savings.

No preparation or hard work involved. With fundraising cards, you simply order the cards from the company that prints them up and then start selling when they arrive. No baking cookies, pies and cakes, then having to set up in the parking lot of the local supermarket. No catalog sales, which involve taking orders, keeping up with the order forms, ordering the product, having it shipped and then delivering it to the customer. Cut out all of the hassles!

With fundraising cards, you never have to worry about storage either – whether you have the room, whether the items are perishable, etc. Since they are the size of a credit card, you can just tuck them away in a drawer or cabinet until you need them. They’re also far more profitable than other common fundraising products you may have been selling in the past; in fact, profit margins go higher than 100% when you sell a substantial number of the cards!

If your organization has considered fundraising cards but just have never got around to trying them out, isn’t it time? Why put your group through the hassles and work of other methods for raising money, when something so profitable and easy is right at your fingertips? Whether you want to raise just a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands, there is no easier, more profitable way to accomplish your goals.

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