Fundraising Cards Have Been Around For Years – There Must Be a Reason, Right?

Fundraising cards have been around for a long time, but it’s still amazing to learn how many churches, schools and other organizations have never used them. It’s curious, really, considering how much more profitable fundraising cards are than other common items used for raising money. Not only that, the value the customer receives is outstanding, making the cards an easy sell. So why have these valuable little cards been around for so long – and more importantly, why hasn’t your group tried them out yet?

Fundraising Card FrontMaybe it’s because you just didn’t know how fundraising cards work or how effective they are. Or, maybe it’s just because your group is comfortable with doing something they know works, and we all know old habits are hard to break. No matter what the reason, you’ll find the information in this article amazing, and reason enough to give the cards a try the next time you need to raise funds for your cause.

Here’s a little information that will enlighten you about why fundraising cards are the number 1 item to use for raising money today:

1. They’re super profitable. Compared to some of the old standard fundraising items like candy bars, popcorn, jerky and catalog sales, you will be speechless when you realize how big the profit margins are.

Give this a little thought: If you were to sell cookie dough at $12 per box and your group earned $6 profit for each box, in order to raise $3,500 for your cause you would have to sell approximately 583 boxes, and that’s a lot of cookie dough – especially in a time when the economy is in a slump.

Now, with fundraising cards, your group would need to sell 500 cards to raise that same $3,500, but considering that the average person can sell 4 or more cards, this is easy to accomplish. Consider the fact that these cards offer money savings at local merchants for an entire year, and it’s easy to see why customers would much rather spend $10 on a card than $12 on a box of cookie dough. The customer can potentially save hundreds of dollars over the span of one year!

2. Customers love fundraising cards, which make them an easy sell. Even at $2 a bar, many people are not going to buy a candy bar today simple because it’s a waste of money in their eyes, when they can hardly pay the bills or put food on the table. Fundraising cards are different because the customer can save at many of their local merchants, including restaurants and fast food, movie rentals, hair cuts, fitness, auto maintenance and more.

Most people, even those on a tight budget, don’t mind spending $10 on something that will save them a substantial amount of money throughout the year.

3. Everyone benefits, and that’s important. Not only does your church or school group or organization benefit through fundraising cards, the benefit is actually spread all around. The customer gets a bargain and the opportunity to save money, and the merchants in the local community have the opportunity to gain new business through the use of the cards.

Now you can see why fundraising cards have been around for years! They help your group raise money easier and faster than any other item, customers love them, and the merchants experience a boost to their business. Next time your group or organization needs to raise money, get outside of your comfort zone and do something a little more exciting! Every now and then it’s a good idea to try something new – and you just might be surprised how quickly fundraising cards become that “comfortable and old familiar” method you’re used to.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards