Fundraising Cards ROCK at Raising a Substantial Amount of Money for Your Group

Whether the high school football team needs money for new uniforms or the church wants to take the youth on a trip to Israel, fundraising cards are by far the most profitable item you can offer in a fundraiser. Through the years, several 4-H Fundraising Card Frontoptions for raising money have proven extremely popular from candy bars and cookie dough to popcorn and jerky. There are literally thousands of different methods that can be used to raise money for your church, school or other non-profit organization needs, but none come close to what you can achieve with fundraising cards.

Raising money can involve a lot more work and preparation than you imagine; from determining who will be involved to deciding when, where and even doing some cooking or sewing, there is a great deal to think about. Not only that, you have to decide whether the method you are considering is really all that profitable for the work involved. With fundraising cards, there is very little work or preparation involved; you simply offer the cards to consumers, then exchange money and card if the customer decides to buy. That is another aspect of these cards that is extremely positive – most customers DO buy, not only because they are supporting your cause but because they are getting a fantastic deal.

Fundraising cards offer tremendous value to the customer which is essential in the present economic conditions. Family Bowling Having FunDiscounts and other offers allow the customer to save a substantial amount of money on products and services they use every day such as haircuts, flowers, family activities, oil changes, and dining out. Who wouldn’t like to save money when they go to the hairdresser, or get a great discount on bowling or a movie on family night? Fundraising cards offer incredible value, and customers can easily see that. Since the cards sell for only $10, it’s an easy sell that is extremely profitable for your project, and customers realize that the amount of money they will save for the life of the card will well exceed the money they spend.

With most fundraising activities you can expect to raise several hundred dollars, which is no drop in the bucket; with fundraising cards, your profits increase dramatically. Imagine raising thousands of dollars for your project in just a week or two, compared with hundreds of dollars when you go with other fundraising options! When you think about it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t include fundraising cards in your efforts to raise money, whether you also include other activities or use them on their own. Today, many organizations choose this item as their fundraising item of choice, simply because they benefit and support the community in their own back yard.

How do fundraising cards help support your local community? The merchants who participate are usually those in your own neighborhood. This means new customers and increased business for these merchants, which essentially keeps most of the money spent in your own area. It’s beneficial economically for your own neighborhood, and the value to the customer is genuine. Can you think of any other product or activity that benefits the community as a whole as well as this does?

Whether you have a very small group who will be participating in your next event to raise money or an unusually large group, you can depend on fundraising cards to offer real value and exceptional profits. They’re great on their own, but combine them with other activities and you will blow the roof off with your efforts!

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards