Fundraising Cards – The Single Fundraising Item You Can Count On Every Time

Churches, schools and other organizations such as The American Heart Association (or even lesser known organizations) are always in need of money to fund special projects and needs. Fundraising cards are the one item you can count on to raise the amount of money you need, whether you need a little to finish off the project or a substantial amount to even get a project off the ground. Most like you’re familiar with other methods of raising money, and most required quite a bit of work and effort. Were the profits worth the amount of time and work you put in to it? If not, fundraising cards are the ideal solution the next time you need to raise extra funds.

With many common fundraising methods, you really don’t know what to expect as far as results. If you need a substantial amount of money, it can be a bit nerve-wracking wondering if you will come anywhere close to meeting your goal. Fundraising cards are easy to sell, and offer amazing profits for your church, school or organization. At a cost of $10 to the customer, the value offered is incredible; today, people want to know they are really getting something for their money, which is hard to come by.

Fundraising cards offer discounts and savings at a dozen or more merchants in your local area, many of them on fast foods and restaurants. America is a nation that loves food, and everyone has to eat – which is another reason these family eating outcards sell so well. Why not save money on something you have to spend money on anyway? Fundraising cards also offer savings on other products and services, such as car maintenance, movie rentals, hair cuts, and family activities.

There are so many reasons you should choose fundraising cards to raise money for your projects it’s hard to mention them all. One of the reasons so many organizations today use them is because there is hardly any work or planning involved; since the company you order the cards from secures merchant participation and prints up the cards, all your group needs to do is sell them!

On average, one person will usually sell 5 to 10 fundraising cards; if you have 40 or 50 in your group who will be participating, do the math. When you order 500 cards (which is about what you would need with this number of participants) your profit margin is 70%. That’s pretty incredible compared to what you experience with most other fundraising products! If your group sells 500 fundraising cards, which is actually pretty conservative considering their popularity, your organization profits by $3,500!

The more cards you order, the more your profits soar. If you have enough people that you believe you could sell 1,000 cards, your profit margin sits at a whopping 100%, which means your total profit is $10,000. If you weren’t impressed with fundraising cards before, you should be now. What else can you do that offers the customer so much value, is easy to sell, and rakes in incredible profits of this magnitude?

If your church, school or organization has never given fundraising cards a shot, you are really missing the boat. Candy, cookie dough, popcorn, candles, catalog sales – all of the common methods require far more work, and the profits don’t come near to what you will experience with fundraising cards. Give them a try – you will find out just why they are the preferred method for raising money today!

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards