How Fundraising Cards Make Your Efforts More Profitable

LaCrosse Fundraising cardIf you’re having trouble coming up with a new idea to raise money for your organization, consider fundraising cards. It is really difficult to come up with a product that isn’t the same old thing, yet offers high profit margins. Whether you are trying to generate enough money to build a gym for the youth group at church or raise money for the PTA at elementary school, fundraising cards are a very attractive option. Easy to sell, simple planning, great value and exceptional profits make them the fundraising item of choice.

Whenever you start thinking about a fundraiser, naturally you want a product that produces big results for your efforts. You also want something that requires only simple planning and offers great value to your customer. At only $10 each, fundraising cards are within nearly everyone’s budget, and offer great savings on many goods and services at merchants in your area. Depending on how many are in your group that participate in the selling, your profit margin could be more than 100%! Even if your group is small, say 15 or 20 participants, you still make $5 per card, so at 10 cards sold per participant, you are looking at $750 to $1000.

If you have a very large group, consider this scenario: You have 100 children or teenagers that will be selling fundraising cards. and each individuals sell about 5 cards. This means your group may sell 500 of these valuable cards, earning $3500! That is pretty impressive when compared to profit margins of many other common items sold to raise money. Fundraising cards are actually worth much more than their face value to those customers who purchase them.

You will find the cards sell easier than any other item you have used previously in fundraisers, because of the incredible value they offer. Customers save money on food, auto services, flowers, bowling and many other items and activities they normally patronize anyway. Since fundraising cards do not expire for one year, imagine the savings your customers will experience – well over the $10 they paid for the card. Since these discounts are offered at local and national merchants in your own neighborhood, they will also feel good about supporting not only your cause, but the local community.

Fundraising cards are wallet-size, so they are easy for participants to carry around with them, unlike some products that must be lugged around in boxes or containers. No shipping, no tax, just an easy sell – which makes it simple in the planning stages as well. Speaking of planning, many companies that offer fundraising cards do a great deal of the ground work for you by contacting merchants in your area and securing their participation, and they also design the cards. This makes planning as simple and stress-free as it gets!

Sure, you could sell hundreds of candy bars at $2 a pop, cookie dough that many cannot afford, or beef jerky. Besides the kids having to tote around a bunch of merchandise, the profit margins just aren’t that great on many of these products. Your group ends up doing double the work for half as much money as you would make with fundraising cards. Just doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

If you are looking for an easy way to raise money for your group, school, church, or non-profit organization, consider fundraising cards. You won’t find another product that offers so much value to the customer, is easy to sell, and provides extraordinary profits for your group.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards

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