How to Have a Successful Fundraiser With Fundraising Discount Cards

Discount-Cards-for-FundraisingAccumulating money for a cause is an extremely difficult task which can take a great deal of planning and excellent execution to do successfully. Many charities and organizations can struggle to raise enough money for their cause, which has led to new and innovative methods of fundraising coming to attention. One of the newest methods of fundraising comes from fundraising discount cards which offers an extremely simple, yet effective method of raising funds.

Fundraising discount cards simply allow the buyer to receive discounts at various stores in different locations at a price-providing an advantage to both the buyer and the organization in question. More traditional methods of fundraising often proved to be difficult as there was no real incentive for a consumer to donate to the organization in question. With this new method in place, it offers the consumer that incentive that they need, providing them with something that they want, in turn providing the organization with something they need- funds.

The way in which this fundraising method works is extremely simple. There are a variety of specialist companies who provide discount cards to organizations such as yours and stores. By working in conjunction with one of these companies, they will offer you the discount cards you need for your organization, which will offer the buyer a certain amount of discounts in selected stores displayed on the card itself. Along with their card, the buyer in question will be provided with a sheet which will list all of the discount coupons they are entitled to with the fundraising card. But how exactly can you set this method of fundraising up for your organization?

The first thing you will need to do is to contact one of the discount card suppliers and set up a contract with them. These companies will often provide you with a variety of discounts, for example with chain restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Subway. You can also contact stores yourself to see if they would be willing to allow you to offer discounts for their store, but sometimes this may be for a fraction of your profits. Begin by selling your fundraising discount cards to members of your organization in order to build rapport about the discount cards. Not only will this help to get the ball rolling in terms of your fundraiser, but will also allow for members of your organization to benefit from the discounts which come with the cards. Once you have sold some to the members of your organization, give these members cards to sell to their friends and family. If your members own a card, this is likely to help boost the sales of your discount cards and will allow for the word of mouth about your cards to expand, allowing for more funds to be collected.

Working in conjunction with the stores who are offering the discountsFundraising-Card-Backs is also a great way in which to increase your sales. By talking with the managers of the stores who feature on the discount cards, you or other members of your organization can set up booths outside stores, offering the cards to shoppers as they enter and exit the store. This is a great way in which to maximize the amount of sales you make and is also the most effective way in which you can do this. If your organization has a website, it is also worth offering the cards on here too. If you are a large organization or are based within one area, you may not be able to reach as many people as you would like. By offering these cards online via a dedicated page, you can help increase your sales by a huge percentage and also get some brilliant promotion for both your website and the organization as a whole.

Fundraising for your organization can be made successful by using some of the simplest methods. However, one of the most effective ways in which to accumulate funds for your organization is to offer the buyer something in return for their support. In today’s society, we all love the offer of saving money and being awarded for our generosity, so when it comes to planning your next fundraiser, look into fundraising discount cards and see your funds soar!

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