Discount Cards Make Raising Money Easy, Even in Weak Economic Times

Offering discount cards when you are trying to raise funds for your organization is much more profitable than other common fundraising methods, even when economic times are tough. Consumers are holding tight to the money they have, so selling the ordinary items would prove to be more difficult than usual. How can you offer people value, and collect the funds you need for your group?Customer happy with her discount card

Discount cards are the perfect solution for fundraisers; they provide the customer with continuing value. In fact, your buyer will be able to use the card as many times as they like when they visit their favorite merchants! This means that over a period of time, they will actually save more than they paid for the card initially. People love great deals, and you can bet that your organization will raise considerably more money than with candy, beef jerky and catalog items.

How do you get started with discount cards in order to raise the needed money for your group? The best thing to do is contact a company that coordinates the merchants and prints the cards for you. A professional company solicits participants for you by contacting area merchants and negotiating the deal. Merchants are usually very willing to participate, as doing so helps improve visibility of their business and attract new customers.

Non-profit organizations frequently have to raise money for any projects or special events they wish to pursue. The junior high band needs money for new uniforms, the church youth group wants to attend summer camp or go on a fun trip. Activities, trips, and equipment all cost a considerable amount of money, which your group doesn’t have at the moment. To raise money quickly and easily, discount cards cannot be beat. Your group can offer a product that provides real value and discounts, which Marching Band Fundraising for tripare something most people can use when money is short.

People are more likely to purchase from a member of your group when they know that it will help support the local community. While many discount cards are good only for one specific merchant, some offer discounts and savings at a wide variety of local and national merchants. Discounts on fast food, reduced prices on hair cuts and oil changes, and savings in general are things people need, so why not save money on products and services they use anyway?

Discount cards are extremely affordable, which makes it a great choice for your fundraiser. Depending on the size of your organization and how many cards you believe you can sell, you can make 100% profit or more! Even if you only plan on ordering 500 cards, your profit margin is 70%. When you sell your discount cards for $10.00, which is well within the budget of most people, they will receive substantial savings on many products and services they already use. How can you lose, when you offer so much value at such an affordable price?

Discount Cards

Discount cards are considerably more profitable than other fundraising products, and are an easy to sell item that produce great results. In fact, most members of your group will easily generate 5 sales, so you can easily see how effective this method of fundraising is. No matter the size of your group or organization, this is by far the most efficient way to raise the money you need for any cause.

Discount cards look professional, they offer great savings at local and national merchants, and help benefit your local community at the same time. It’s easy to see why they are the number one way to raise money for your cause!

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