Fundraising Discount Cards – A Great Way to Raise Money For Your Organization

Happy CustomersMost organizations need to raise money at one time or another, and fundraising discount cards are an effective way to do it. Schools, churches, youth groups and other organizations often want to raise money for trips, new playground equipment, and other things that may be beyond their budget. Fundraising discount cards are a fun, simple way for your group or organization to raise the necessary funds for any purchase or event.

Some of the common methods used to raise money are candy and jerky sales, catalog sales and candles. While these do work, they do not provide continued value. Fundraising discount cards allow the user to save many times the price of the card. When you offer discounts and savings for as many as fifteen merchants in your area, those who buy will use the card over and over. Because of the value, selling fundraising discount cards is even easier than selling goods that are consumed. People want to perceive value in any purchase they make, especially in light of the economy.

When you decide it is time for your group to raise money, you need to provide a specific causeSample Fundraising Card front to potential buyers. People are much more apt to buy fundraising discount cards if they feel they are contributing to a good cause. You will want to inform prospective buyers that the money is going to be used for new band instruments, summer youth camp, or whatever your purpose is. Another reason that these cards sell so well is that buyers get instant gratification – you have the cards with you, so no waiting for a product to come in.

Why would merchants want to participate by offering discounts, free goods, or cheaper services? When hundreds or thousands of fundraising discount cards are in circulation, this drives new business to that merchant. This means new customers and increased profits. Most are happy to oblige, and you don’t even have to contact them yourself! By choosing a company that only deals in fundraising discount cards, you can rest assured they know how to communicate and negotiate with merchants, so that you have great deals to offer on the cards your organization sells.

Additionally, when you choose this route to raise the money you need, you support your local community. Those who purchase fundraising discount cards from your group will patronize local vendors, which is good for businesses in your area. As you can see, not only does your organization benefit from the cards, but those who buy them as well as the businesses who offer their services all win. Your group can easily raise the needed funds, those who buy get great deals, and merchants draw in new business.

Sample Fundraising Card front Sample Fundraising Card back

When you decide that using fundraising discount cards sounds like a great solution for your group, make sure you choose a company that is dedicated to exceptional customer service. They will secure the merchants for you, print the cards and even educate you about organizing your fundraiser. Add to that the fact that there is no up front cost to you, and this is an excellent way to raise the funds your group needs. The best fundraising discount cards are very impressive! Your organizations name and logo, along with the expiration date, are printed right on the front of the card. These cards are the size and consistency of a credit card; not thin paper cards that are easily destroyed or lost.

For your next project, do something different. Instead of offering candy, popcorn, candles or catalog items, offer fundraising discount cards! The entire community will benefit, and you will have the funds you need. This is an easy and fun way to raise the funds you need and support your own community!

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