How Fundraising Discount Cards Work to Make Raising Money Both Fun & Profitable

What exactly are fundraising discount cards? For those not familiar with this method of raising money, they are wallet-sized cards that offer discounts on products and services at local merchants in your own area. Generally, there fundraiser discount card Backare about 12 to 15 merchant offers on the back of the fundraising discount cards; the front of the card will contain your organization name or logo, whichever you specify. If you are not familiar with this incredible product, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to offer value to the customer and make amazing profits!

Churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations are constantly on the look out for ways to earn money for various needs. Since these groups are not in business to make profits, it can be very difficult to come up with funds for trips, repairs, activities and other needs. Fundraising discount cards offer you a way to raise an incredible amount of money in a short time, and they offer extreme value to the purchaser of the card – which is very important given the current economic conditions. People watch their money closely; unless something is really necessary or offers them a way to save money, they don’t want to let go of theirs.

Fundraising discount cards are a huge hit because they do offer substantial savings on products and services that most people commonly use on a daily or weekly basis. Family activities, fast foods, haircuts, an oil change for the car – theseHair Cut are things most people do spend money on, even when times are tight. These are the types of offers you will find on fundraising discount cards – and they’re even fun to sell, because there is little work or planning involved. Those who have participated in their fair share of fundraisers know that some activities and products can be a load of work; in fact, more work than you want to take on.

This isn’t the case with fundraising discount cards; since the company you purchase the cards from gets the merchants involved and prints the cards up, all you have to do is sell! At $10 bucks a pop, consumers will gladly buy because they can save at so many local merchants for one year from the date of purchase. Can you imagine the savings that someone can experience in that length of time? Well over what they paid for the card, so you can see there is real value.

Those who participate in raising money for your organization will be glad to do so, because they won’t feel like they are trying to “push” something that nobody really wants. Fundraising discount cards, unlike other products you normally think of when it comes to raising money, are a product that last and continue to offer value – unlike cookie dough, candles and candy bars. When you have a product that is genuinely valuable, it just makes selling it that much easier because you are proud of the value you are offering to the customer.

Are you ready to try a different route in your efforts to raise funds for your organization? Of course your ready for something that doesn’t take so much thought and work – that’s a given. If you’re ready to pull in profits like you have never seen before, give fundraising discount cards a try; you’ll definitely be impressed, and so will your customers. This is one method of raising money that never gets old or worn out!

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards