So you have decided on discount cards for your fundraiser, now what?

You did your research and found that fundraising discount cards are the fundraiser for you. Fundraising cards provide the greatest percentage of profit along with a product of real value and are a win-win for everyone involved. But now you must relinquish some control and hire a company to do some work for you. Choosing the right fundraising cards company can make you a hero and your organization much needed funds whereas choosing the wrong company can be disastrous for your organization.

What to look for in a fundraising discount card company:

Perhaps the most important question one can ask is, “Will the fundraising cards company get the merchants or do they expect us to do the hard work?” Getting the merchants is the most important aspect of fundraising discount cards. Procuring the merchants takes a bit of skill, if you were to give it a try and the merchants are not so popular or only offer so-so deals then the value of the cards will be diminished. A company that SPECIALIZES in fundraising discount cards will be able to gain popular merchants in your area and negotiate great deals. This increases the value of the card and makes them easy to sell. Additionally, gaining the merchants takes a lot of time and effort, so leave this up to the professionals.

The quality of the cards will also be a factor in determining the ease of selling your cards and can make or break your fundraiser. Though the card quality does not determine the value of the card it does affect the PERCEIVED value. As a general rule when a product is valuable it is made of higher quality materials, which do you think would seem more valuable, a paper printed card that is laminated or one that is the same as a credit card? For this reason you will want to make sure your fundraising cards will be the same size (3 3/8″ x 2 1/8″), shape (rounded corners), and consistency (30 Mil and glossy) as a standard credit card. The best selling cards have a colored card front with black and white on the back (it is easier to ready the offers). Make sure you are able to choose from a variety of card and ink colors so you can match your organization’s colors. The standard card layout should include your organization’s name, logo, and expiration date on the front of the card and contain twelve (12) to twenty (20) local merchants on the back of the fundraising cards.

Customer service would be the most important thing to look for in any company, except for if the two items above are not met the quality and substance of their service is a moot point. So make sure the company will get the merchants and uses good card stock. Since fundraising is seldom a 9 to 5 job you will want to make sure that customer service keeps extended hours, so they are there to help you when you need them. I also strongly recommend that you CALL the company BEFORE placing your order, just let them know your were considering placing an order and was calling to making sure they could be reached. Customer service will be influential in logo creation and getting you a proof, saving signed copies of merchants agreement, provide fundraising templates and fliers, and offering instructional articles with step by step instruction and support. Those in customer support can be your biggest allies.

When choosing a fundraising discount card company for your fundraiser make sure to do your homework as there are many items you will want to take into consideration. Your decisions will make your fundraiser a success or failure. Whether this is your first fundraiser or you are a pro, I know that with the right company you will see the success you are hoping for.

Mark South

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I started in fundraising as a reluctant volunteer for a small soccer organization in Florida, now fundraising has become a way of life for me

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