What Can You Expect With Fundraising Discount Cards

Football Fundraising CardsIf you have been involved in fundraising for a substantial amount of time, you know that there are times it can really be a hassle; more work than you bargained for, profits aren’t so great, those in your group get tired of trying to sell something that customers don’t really need or want, etc., etc., etc. With fundraising discount cards, all of the hassles are removed and the profits are outstanding – plus, your group or organization gets to offer a product that customers really can use, and find valuable. It’s far more enjoyable for those involved not to have to feel like they are pushing a product on people that they don’t really want.

So, what can you expect with fundraising discount cards?

Easy sales – and quicker profits. With some products that don’t offer particularly great profit margins, it can seem like it takes an eternity to raise the amount of money your organization needs. Take candy bars, for instance. At $1 or so profits, it would literally take forever to raise $5,000 or $10,000! With fundraising discount cards, profits begin at $5 per card and go up from there, depending on the number of cards you order and sell (which of course is determined by the size of your group). An average size organization can enjoy profits of $7 or $8 per card, so you can see how the profits would add up far quicker than with lower cost products. Selling is easy too, because customers can see that this is a way to save money for an entire year on those products and services they typically spend money on on a regular basis. Which brings us to . . .

Customer satisfaction. Wouldn’t it be easier to sell something that people actually want, than something they really don’t want or need? Of course it would! With fundraising discount cards, those who purchase a card will enjoy discount and buy-one-get-one-free offers on fast foods, local restaurants, the neighborhood gym, hair cuts, having the oil changed in the car, family activities, etc. These are normal, everyday purchases for most people – and who wouldn’t love saving every week or even every day on those products or services they buy most? Easy sales, and your group can offer something they’re actually proud to offer.

Little to no hassle. Who wants to prepare for months for a church cookbook or deal with catalog sales where you have to take an order, then go back around the community to deliver the goods when they come in – and pray that the orders are correct? With candy bars, you have melting issues if the weather is warm; cookie dough has to be kept cool to keep from spoiling. Lugging around cumbersome boxes, storage, and on and on and on. Who wants all of the hassles, when the profits usually aren’t worth all of the effort? Today, fundraising can be easier than ever before and involves very little in the way of preparation or effort. What’s better than a product that practically sells itself, and offers the highest possible profit margins

If you’re ready to throw the headaches and hassles out the window and enjoy something that’s highly profitable and so much easier than anything else you’ve ever tried, give fundraising discount cards a try.