Why Fundraising Discount Cards are the Most Popular Choice for Fundraisers

Sample Fundraising CardIt seems that recently, more and more people are turning to fundraising discount cards to raise the money they need for church and school groups or any other organization. There is always a need for more funds, whether it be for a special trip, new church van or for a new playground at the elementary school. Fundraising discount cards are the way to go when you want something that is easy and doesn’t involve a great deal of detailed planning.

For decades, people have been turning to the same old products to raise money – candy bars, cookie dough, beef jerky and the like. These are great products, but how profitable are they, and how much trouble is it to tote the boxes around? Probably not too much for older kids, but for the little ones it can really be a struggle. Fundraising discount cards are the perfect solution for any funding needs, no matter how small or large. The larger your group, the easier it is to raise any amount you need!

Over the past year or so, people have really cut back on spending due to economic Sample Fundraiser card backconditions. Catalog sales, magazines and other items that tend to be a bit on the pricey side haven’t fared so well in fundraising attempts. Fundraising discount cards are the perfect item any time of year, but particularly during times when money is tight. At only $10, the value these cards offer the consumer is incredible, and they will likely save more money over time than they spent on the card. Consumers also realize that not only are they getting a fantastic deal, they are also supporting not only your group or organization, but merchants in the local community. This is very important in times like we have experienced recently.

Fundraising discount cards are not only an easy item to sell, they make the whole process simpler overall – even the planning. If you have been through this before, you know that the planning stages can be stressful; you may have undertaken a much bigger project than you originally thought. Many people make mistakes with their first few attempts at raising money. They don’t give the profit margin much thought if any at all, then realize too late that in order to make x amount of dollars, they will have to sell an enormous amount of product. With fundraising discount cards, the planning process is pretty simple, and most companies that offer these cards even assist you with the planning by securing the participation of merchants in your area.

Consider this scenario: If someone were to come to your door selling a scented jar candle for $9, or you had a choice to purchase a card that offered you tons of discounts on services you already use for $10, which would you choose? It only makes good sense. Fundraising discount cards offer great savings on food, auto services, hair cuts and many other things that are commonly purchased by consumers. Over a one year time period, the savings can add up to a substantial amount of money! In this time when people are losing jobs and hours are being cut, most people want to save every dime they can. This is one reason why fundraising discount cards should be a top contender in your choice of items for raising money.

There is no other product for raising money that offers simplicity, easy sales and outstanding profit margins, and also takes the stress out of the planning. If you haven’t considered fundraising discount cards for your cause, you need to look at things in a whole new light.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards

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