Easy Fundraising Ideas for School Organizations, Churches or Any Group Needing Funds

Kids playing soccerEasy and fundraising may seem like two words that don’t belong together, particularly if you have been through this before. You’re probably thinking that fundraising is anything BUT easy! That is absolutely true in many cases, especially with certain products that require so much detail and planning ahead of time. When you are dealing with young children, things are often even more complicated than usual, because you want to keep things as simple as possible but don’t quite know how. You will find some great easy fundraising ideas here, so that your next project is one that won’t leave you pulling your hair out.

When you try to determine which easy fundraising ideas are best for your group, keep in mind the age of those involved. Are they very young children, teenagers or the entire adult class at church? This makes a difference in which products you choose to sell, because older children and adults can handle more responsibility than young children. With the youngsters, it’s often easier to sell products that they have on hand at the time of the sale, such as discount cards. This prevents them from having to keep up with order forms, catalogs and money, which can be a bit too much for the younger ones.

Here are some easy fundraising ideas for small children:

Candy bars have been a popular choice of schools for years when it comes to fundraisers. Since the candy bars are usually packaged in a single box and readily available upon payment, children don’t have the responsibility of keeping up with catalogs and order forms.

Discount cards are another great choice, and even more profitable than 4-H Club Discount Cardcandy bars. The children have the cards with them, and can provide the customer their purchase as soon as payment is made. These cards offer excellent discounts and savings on a variety of products and services such as restaurants, auto maintenance, hair cuts and other services at local area merchants.

Teenagers and adults can usually handle catalog sales items, cookie dough and other products that are a little more involved.

Easy fundraising ideas for churches and youth groups can be any number of things. Many youth groups offer car washes during warmer months, and usually set up in a parking lot of a restaurant or retailer in town where the traffic is heavy.

Spaghetti Dinner at a churchBake sales, spaghetti suppers and raffles are other easy fundraising ideas often used by churches. Women of the church bake cookies, pies, cakes and other goodies that may then be sold wherever they decide to set up. Raffles are a good way to raise the needed money as well, as some of the older women of the church can piece together a beautiful hand-made quilt that may sell for a good chunk of money. Teenagers and young adults can offer their services in the form of a ‘work day’, when they offer to landscape, mow, clear brush or do general housework for friends and family in the local community for a donation.

There are a few other easy fundraising ideas for schools that offer a unique twist to the ordinary and common ways of raising money. A school dance toback to school dance celebrate summer, Valentine’s Day or even a back to school dance to get everyone back in the groove can help you raise a substantial amount of money. Organize a theme-based dance, decide where it will be held, the menu, etc., and charge for tickets! Pre-teens and teenagers love music and dancing, so this is a great way to raise some of the funds you need for your cause. Determine how much you will charge for tickets, snacks, beverages etc., and watch the kids have a great time.

For those of you who have been through this before and find fundraising to be a real chore, use your creativity and do something different! There are literally hundreds of easy fundraising ideas that will be fun for all involved, including the one who gets stuck with the planning.

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