School Discount Cards Raising Money for Your School Organization is Simple

Quimby Oak Middle SchoolSchool discount cards are a great way for any school group or organization to easily raise the funds they need. Every year, dozens of school groups need to raise money for new equipment, trips, uniforms and many other reasons. The football team may need new equipment, or band members may want to plan a summer trip. No matter what the need, school discount cards are one of the easiest ways to raise money, and they offer an incredible profit margin.

When you begin to plan a fundraiser, there are many things to consider. What product will sell easily, but offer a good profit margin at the same time? You want to make things as simple as possible for everyone concerned, including those who will be selling the actual product. Some items are cumbersome or heavy, making it more difficult for those responsible for the selling. School discount cards are an item that sell easily, and are perfect for the students as they can simply carry them in a pocket or purse, and have them ready upon receipt of the money.

What you want to avoid is choosing products that force you to sell an enormous number inMaking Pennies order to reach your monetary goal. Your desire is to choose a product that offers value to the customer, as well as good profit margins for your group. This way, you can raise the funds you need by selling far fewer products! School discount cards offer savings and specials on services and products at your local merchants – things that most people in your area use on a regular basis. Everyone loves a good deal, and knowing that in supporting your cause, they are also supporting the local community merchants.

Another benefit of school discount cards is that fact that the more you buy, the higher your profit margin is. For example, say you have 500 students that will be selling in your fundraiser, and that the average sales per student will be 2 cards. That means that you order 1000 cards, and your profit margin is 100%! There aren’t many items you can choose for a fundraiser that are so easy to sell, and offer incredible profits for you as well.

School discount cards offer savings on dining, auto services, activities and other goods and services in your area, which means they help your local merchants by drawing in new business. There is no other item available for fundraising that benefits your cause, your customers, and local merchants all at the same time. When you choose school discount cards for your fundraising needs, you are in effect supporting everyone in the area! Customers are always happy to spend $10 and get so much in return; they also realize that they are helping support your school and all of the merchants in the area.

Sure, you can sell candy bars, cookie dough, beef jerky and other perishable items that you have to lug around – and the profit margins aren’t so great. Or, you can opt for catalog sales in which those involved will be responsible for taking orders, then going back to the customers a second time to deliver the goods. Why make things more confusing and less profitable, when it can all be so easy? For your next fundraiser, choose the method that is super easy, highly profitable and the least work for everyone – school discount cards! Avoid all of the unnecessary hassles, and do something that is fun for all who participate.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards

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