School Fundraising Cards Offer Big Profits For Your Cause

Are you planning a fun trip for the kids, but need more funds than you have available to see it through? School fundraising cards are a great solution when you need to raise money quickly and easily. Not only will you generate huge profits to fund your trip, the kids will enjoy selling the cards – especially if they are motivated with an award or prize for selling the most!

School Fundraising CardsPeople in the neighborhood are always ready to support a good cause, but when you offer them a really good deal it becomes even easier. School fundraising cards offer your buyer a great deal that is not overpriced. In fact, they will save quite a bit more than they spend on the card by saving money on products and services they already use! Friends, neighbors and relatives will be glad to put their money to good use by helping out the school and supporting local merchants at the same time.

If you are new to fundraising, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the ideas and options available to you. Candy, greeting cards, jerky, candles and catalog items are commonly used to raise money for different groups or organizations. Think about it this for a moment; some of these products are quickly consumed, and usually overpriced. Greeting cards are only used during certain times of the year, and customers have to wait for catalog orders to come in. School fundraising cards provide real value, and are usually good for one year before they expire. This means your buying customers will get good use out of something they spent very little money on.

Many people like to have something in hand when they spend their money, and would rather not wait for weeks to receive an item they have already paid for. School fundraising cards are easy to sell because of the affordable price and real savings they offer. Plus, the kids will have the cards in hand, ready to turn them over instantly upon payment!

Raising the money you need for a school trip to the zoo, new playground equipment or any other cause should be fun for the kids. It also helps themSchool Fundraising Playground to feel involved so that they develop a sense of their importance as part of a team. School fundraising cards make the entire process simple and easy; no catalogs or candy to lug around, and a great product that people in the community will gladly spend money on!

Depending on your need, school fundraising cards are extremely popular. The more you order, the higher your profit margin! In a school situation, you will likely have hundreds of kids involved in raising the needed funds for your cause. When you multiply hundreds of kids by 10 cards, which is the average number of sales that one person makes, you are raising a substantial amount of money. If you order only 1,000 school fundraising cards, your cost is reduced significantly and your profit margin is 100%. There aren’t many fundraising items that can produce exceptional results as easily as these valuable cards.

When it is time to raise money for any activity or equipment needed at school, you want to choose a company that is easy to deal with and offers assistance. Fundraising can be labor intensive and involve a great deal of time, so make things as simple as possible. Contact a reputable company who not only offers school fundraising cards, but does most of the legwork for you and educates you on effective ways to sell. You will find that this is the absolute easiest method to raise the money you need while providing value to your customer and supporting your local merchants.

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