Spirit cards are an incredible way to raise funds, whether your church or school group or sports team needs $500 or $5,000 – or even more. If you aren’t familiar with these cards, you’ll soon see just how amazing they really are, and how easy it is to raise a substantial amount of money quickly, and with far less effort than other well-known products and activities.

The great thing about spirit cards is that everyone can get involved. For instance, school kids can sell the cards when their group needs new uniforms or wants to go on a trip to the zoo, but parents can sell them as well. Imagine how much money could be raised if both the kids and the parents offer the cards at church, ball games, work, even when you run in to someone you know at the supermarket or movie theater. The potential is really unlimited

If you expect a successful fundraiser using spirit cards, there are a few things you should do to ensure that you do reach the level of success you desire.

First of all, make certain that the company you purchase the spirit cards from has a good reputation and is dedicated to customer service, even after you order the cards. If you have never used this product before in a fundraiser

Spirit cards are far more profitable than candy bars, jerky, candles, catalog sales and the other usual fundraising items. Add to that the fact that the customer realizes they are getting something of real value and not a candle that will soon melt away or a piece of jerky that will be gone in a flash, and they are easier to sell than anything else you could offer. Talk about meeting your goal quickly!

Planning a fundraiser can take a huge amount of work, and it can be discouraging if the money you raise isn’t all that substantial compared to the effort you put in. Spirit cards require very little effort; in fact, the business you buy the cards from do the majority of the work for you! They will contact your local merchants in order to secure their participation, print the cards with your organization name or logo on the front, and ship them to you in a matter of days.