Spirit Cards – How to Use Them For a Profitable and Successful Fundraiser

If you expect a successful fundraiser using spirit cards, there are a few things you should do to ensure that you do reach the level of success you desire.

First of all, make certain that the company you purchase the spirit cards from has a good reputation and is dedicated to customer service, even after you order the cards. If you have never used this product before in a fundraiser, it’s likely that you will need help in order for your fundraiser to be most effective. A reputable company will help you with any questions you have, providing guidance throughout.

Little league Baseball spirit cardsAlso, you want a company that is happy to do most of the leg work for you, such as securing the participation of local merchants in your area. Why do it yourself when the company will do the work for you? An experienced company that deals only in spirit cards will also be able to negotiate the best deals, so that you can offer your customer something of great value.

You always want to think carefully before ordering spirit cards, so that you make the most of your efforts and raise the most money. Naturally, the more cards you purchase the less you pay; so, if you believe your group can sell 1,500 cards, instead of ordering 1,000 to be conservative, order 2,000 and save .50 per card. This way, you have the opportunity to raise more because you have more cards, and those that are left over can be used at a future date. Do the math before you place your order so that you can figure out just what will produce more profits for your organization.

Tell your group specifically what the spirit cards are going to help you raise money for. People tend to want to get Soccer Fundraisingmore involved, especially kids and teens, when they know exactly what it is they are trying to raise funds for. Instead of telling your group that they are going to use spirit cards to raise money, offer a clear explanation such as to help pay for the Youth groups trip to Florida. When younger people realize that the funds will be for their own benefit or something they enjoy, they will participate and work harder to achieve your goals.

Distributing the spirit cards in the proper manner will help make accounting for both cards and money received easier. Keep a record of each participant’s name and how many cards were given to that participant. It’s probably best to distribute only a few at a time, so that if someone loses their cards there won’t be a huge amount of money loss involved. Stick to just 5 or 10 cards; this way, if something does happen and you paid $2 or $5 each for the cards, you won’t be out hundreds of dollars.

sports spirit cardsA successful fundraiser involves a successful product, one that offers tremendous value to the customer. With spirit cards, the customer gets to save money on many of the goods and services in their own area – which makes them much easier to sell than candy bars, especially in light of the current economy. These “deals” are good for one year, offering the customer the opportunity to save a great deal of money on those things they would have spent money on regardless.

Spirit cards are great all the way around; your group or organization gets the money you need for your cause, the customer gets a great deal, and local merchants experience an increase in business, as well as potential new customers. When you’re fresh out of ideas on how to raise money for your organization, this method is hugely profitable and easy for all involved.

Mark South
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