Spirit Cards Make Every Fundraising Effort More Profitable

Few activities or products enable your church group, school or non-profit organization to raise the amount of funds possible with spirit cards. For decades, these types of groups have depended mainly upon donations from businesses and individuals to keep their organization running. Other than that, fundraising is the next best solution to ensure that churches and non-profit organizations can continue to keep their doors open. If you are new to the idea of spirit cards, learn what they are and how they work.

If you have ever seen cardsfundraiser discount card Back that are similar in size and shape to a credit card offering a dozen or more discounts on one side, that’s what spirit cards are. Usually, the discounts are offered at merchants in the local area wherever the cards are being sold. The discounts may be something similar to buy a hamburger, get free fries, 10% off on an oil change, or save $5.00 on a haircut – you get the idea. Spirit cards are great sellers, especially during tough economic times as we have experienced recently because people need a way to save money on things they usually spend on.

Some of the usual fundraising activities include bake sales, car washes and cookbooks (usually for churches), 5K runs (cancer and other organizations), auctions, etc. Your group may even do such things as maintenance, house cleaning or yard work for Yard workthe disabled or elderly in your area in exchange for a donation. Spirit cards are a profitable addition to any of these activities, and they’re easy to sell simply because they offer incredible money-savings to the customer.

Your group may have been involved in selling catalog items, candy bars, toffee, jerky or other popular items. This is all fine and good, but are these product highly profitable? That is another reason spirit cards are the number one fundraising item today. The profits are amazing to put it simply, and since the cards are so easy to sell profits mount rapidly. When many Americans have lost their job and are living on a tight (or non-existent) budget, which do you think they will choose: A $2 or $3 candy bar, or $10 spirit cards that will enable them to save 10 times that amount or more over a one year time period? The answer to that question is easy, and another of the many reasons that spirit cards should be a tool in your fundraising tool box.

Not only are these amazing little cards great for the residents in your community and your own project, they help keep the local merchants in business as well. Many smaller businesses have closed since the recession began, but spirit cards can help keep your community alive and thriving! New customers will flock to a merchant when there is a great “deal”, which potentially means new business for a merchant if that person has never patronized their business before. It’s important today that we support our own, which is exactly what you accomplish by using spirit cards.

Before you make a final decision about what product or activity you will use to raise money for your group, think about the many benefits of spirit cards. There is no other single product or activity that can support the citizens, merchants and your need or cause simultaneously, or that offers you such incredible profits! Sell just 500 (easily accomplished by most groups) and your profit is $3,500! How many candy bars would it take to produce that kind of profit? Now you see why spirit cards should be first on your list the next time you need to raise money.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards