Spirit Cards Make Raising Funds Easier Than Ever for School

Amanda Summer Softball league Fundraising CardSpirit cards are an incredible way to raise funds, whether your school group or sports team needs $500 or $5,000 – or even more. If you aren’t familiar with these cards, you’ll soon see just how amazing they really are, and how easy it is to raise a substantial amount of money quickly, and with far less effort than other well-known products and activities. They’re super profitable, allowing your group or organization to enjoy profit margins as high as 100% or more. How could you possibly make more than 100% profits? Because you get 200 cards free with every 1,000 your group orders.

Now let’s get on to the details of what spirit cards are, and how they work.

What are spirit cards? Basically, they are discount cards that allow the purchaser to save money on products and services at a dozen or more merchants in their own community. These discounts are offered in the form of percent off (such as 15%, 20%, 25% off) and buy-one-get-one-free offers. The card bearer may enjoy such “deals” as buy a burger get one free, 20% off hair care at a local salon, or 15% off an oil change for the car. As you can see, these are ordinary purchases that are not usually considered frivolous by most people, so there is real value attached to the cards.

How long are they good for? The purchaser of the card will be able to enjoy the discounts for an entire year after purchase. In most cases, spirit cards can be used one time per day at each merchant. You can see how the savings will add up big time over the course of a year!

Are they easy to sell? Yes, they’re far easier to sell than products that aren’t really considered valuable to the customer, such as cookie dough or candles. Considering many people today don’t have a lot of extra money to spare, it’s hard to justify handing over a couple of dollars for a candy bar, or $12 for cookie dough. With spirit cards, your group will enjoy easy selling without having to resort to hard selling tactics. Because customers are happy to spend $10 on a card that will save them a substantial amount of money over a year, they practically sell themselves.

How much profit can you expect? Spirit cards offer exceptional profit margins as we mentioned earlier. Basically, the higher volume you purchase, the higher the profits. Even if you only order 250 cards (good for a group of 20 or so participants), you will enjoy 50% profit margins, which means you earn $5 per card sold. Order 500, and you enjoy 70% profit margins, or $7 per card. Have a huge group of 300 who will join in the selling? Order 3,000 cards (you get 600 free), and you’ll pull in a whopping $31,500 if all of the cards sell. Now THAT’s how fundraising is supposed to be!

Does using spirit cards to raise funds require a lot of planning or work? Absolutely not. Simply decide which merchants you want to participate, contact them (or have the card company do it for you), order the number of cards you will need (about 10 for each individual who will sell the cards) and wait for them to arrive. When they come in, start promoting them anywhere and everywhere you go.

Spirit cards are the absolute easiest way to raise funds for any church group, school club or organization, or sports team – period. There is nothing more profitable, no product the customer loves more. Try it for your fundraising needs, and you’ll never go back to those methods that require a ton of work with little in the way of results!