Spirit Cards – The Exceptional Choice for Raising Money AND Spirits!

Women's Ministries Church Fundraising CardSpirit cards are great for raising funds for any cause, whether for school, church or any non-profit organization. Over the years, there have been many popular fundraising product and activities – too many to mention. Are they all highly profitable? Some are fairly profitable, others require an incredible amount of planning and work before you even begin to raise the money you need. Spirit cards are extremely profitable, and they even raise the spirits of those who sell the cards and those who buy. How?

You know that it’s usually the same people who participate in selling a product or participating in an activity when it comes to fundraising. After a while, it gets old and some people decide it just isn’t worth the work involved any longer. Spirit cards raise the spirits of these people because there is no planning involved – and no product to haul around from place to place. Add to that the extreme profitability, and those in your organization can actually get excited abut raising money again!

Now, for those you will be selling to; why will they be so happy to spend their hard-earned money for spirit cards? Because of the incredible value they offer. In difficult economic times, everyone wants to save in every way possible; Bowlingspirit cards offer the customer discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers on all sorts of products and services in their own local community, meaning they have the opportunity to save far more than they paid for the card! These are products and services that most people use or buy on a regular basis, such as food, family activities, hair cuts and auto services.

Spirit cards are far more profitable than candy bars, jerky, candles, catalog sales and the other usual fundraising items. Add to that the fact that the customer realizes they are getting something of real value and not a candle that will soon melt away or a piece of jerky that will be gone in a flash, and they are easier to sell than anything else you could offer. Talk about meeting your goal quickly!

Depending on the size of your group, you could potentially raise anywhere from $1,250 to over $53,000! How would that amount of money affect the progress on that new youth group building or library at the elementary school? Combine the other activities you normally choose to raise money with the power of spirit cards, and your profits could go through the roof. There really is no easier or more effective way to raise the funds you need for any project, whether you need a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands.

Fundraiser Card SampleAnother benefit of spirit cards is how little work is involved; there is virtually no planning or preparation, since the merchant you purchase the cards from does most of the legwork for you. The company selling the spirit cards usually secures the participation of merchants in your local area, prints up the cards, places your organization name or logo on the front, and ships them to you! It is up to you to hand them out and account for how many cards each participant has, but hey – what’s that compared to the work you usually have to put in?

Now you can see why spirit cards literally raise the “spirits” of everyone involved – less work, great product, incredible profits – who wouldn’t love that?

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards