Spirit Cards are the Number One Way to Raise Funding for Your Group

Spirit Card SampleSpirit cards are an easy, no-hassle way to raise money for your school or church group’s needs, or for any non-profit organization with a special project that requires funds. Whether your organization is an animal society, committee for missing children, wildlife foundation, medical research institute, or a group such as the high school band or junior high football team, there is usually a need for money. You depend on donations and certain products/activities to fund your needs; a spirit card is one solution that is easy, requires little work and offers huge profits.

While they have been around for years, many groups don’t truly realize the potential of the fundraiser card. Customers love them because they allow them to save money throughout the year on necessities they ordinarily spend money on such as food, car maintenance and haircuts. Unlike candy bars, catalog sales items and other common fundraising items, these cards offer real and lasting value, important in light of today’s economic situation. Because they are so easy to sell, your group will raise funds quickly, and the more people you have who participate, the larger your profit potential.

Church groups often have needs, and finding the money to meet those needs can be tough. Perhaps the teen youth group wants to go on a trip out of state, but the coffers are empty. A spirit card makes it easy to raise thousands of dollars in a short period of time. For instance, if you have just 40 or 50 in your group who will participate in the activity you choose for fundraising, you could easily raise $3,500 or more – and that amount would go a long way in funding your trip. On average, one individual can sell 10 cards, and when you order 500 you make $7 per card.

The great thing about spirit cards is that everyone can get involved. For instance, school kids can sell the cards when their group needs new uniforms or wants to go on a trip to the zoo, but parents can sell them as well. Imagine how much money could be raised if both the kids and the parents offer the cards at church, ball games, work, even when you run in to someone you know at the supermarket or movie theater. The potential is really unlimited, and the work required minimal as there is no preparation involved as you typically find with garage sales, bake sales, etc.

Another benefit is that the merchants listed on the card can enjoy increased business, which stimulates the economy in your own community. For the most part, offers listed on the cards are those for local merchants when possible, which may include fast food, oil changes, flower shops, salons, fitness clubs, movie rentals and more. Those who purchase the cards often patronize a business they have never been to before, simply to enjoy the discount or special. New business for the merchant, great savings for the customer.

It’s easy to see why spirit cards are the number one way to raise money for church and school groups as well as non-profit organizations. Customers love them because of the money savings, merchants who participate often gain new business, and your group enjoys a way to raise funds that doesn’t require extensive preparation or a lot of work. No lugging boxes around or storage concerns; just tuck them in a pocket, wallet or purse and you’re ready to go! Next time you need to raise money, consider something easy and profitable – spirit cards.

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