With discount cards, profits range from 50% to more than 100% depending on the size of your group and number of cards sold. Because they actually make it possible for customers to save money for an entire year on products and services they normally spend money on, you can meet your goals in far less time, without nearly as much work and effort.

Discount cards are one of the most preferred methods for raising funds today for churches, school groups, sports teams and other non-profit organization – and it’s really no surprise. Considering their ease and profitability when compared to other fundraising products and activities, it just makes sense for those who would rather avoid the hard work and stress often found with other methods.

Discount cards stimulate the local economy through the local merchants, who enjoy increased business when a potential new customer comes in to enjoy the discount. All around, it’s an affordable, more profitable way to raise money whether your group is in need of a few hundred dollars, or even tens of thousands.

Great product, amazing profits, incredible value for the customer, minimal planning, new business for the merchants in the community. Discount cards offer everything you’ve been looking for in one tidy little product, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s natural to want to raise the money you need in the most efficient, profitable way possible. Who wants to do more work and planning than they have to, only to earn a drop in the bucket compared to the total amount of money needed for a project? There are so many reasons that discount cards are THE solution when you need to raise money; you will be hard pressed to find any other product or activity that will allow you to get the funds you need so quickly, without laborious preparation and work.