Fundraiser Cards Give You an Advantage


When fundraising time rolls around, there is nothing like fundraiser cards to gather the amount of money your group or organization needs quickly, and without the hard work usually found with other methods. There are many effective products and activities used today to raise money, and most of them are great. However, when you want to approach fundraising in a way that is easier than anything else you may have tried, consider fundraiser cards.

Why Fundraiser Cards are the Smart Way to Raise Money

High School Marching Band Fundraising Cards

Fundraiser cards have been around for what seems like forever, and they’re still popular and effective today. Essentially, this is the ‘smart’ way to raise funds for your Marching Band, High School Band, school band, Music department and chorus group. Great for sports teams as well, fundraiser cards are highly profitable, easy to sell, and require very little work and planning when compared to other fundraising products and activities that have been used for years.

Fundraiser Cards are Ideal for Raising Money

Fundraiser cards have long been the perfect way to raise money for school organizations, church groups, sports teams and other charities, for many reasons. They’re more profitable than any other popular fundraising products you could think of – candy bars, jerky, candles, popcorn, cookie dough – you name it, and the profit margins simply aren’t as high as what you will enjoy with fundraiser cards. If yours is one of the few groups that has never tried this method of raising money, there are countless reasons why you should.

Fundraiser Cards are the Best Way to Go

Project Graduation Fundraiser Cards

Fundraiser cards can be promoted any time of the year, spring, summer, fall, or winter. Customers are always happy to buy, because they get such a bargain considering the money they will save over the coming year with the deals offered on the cards. Card bearers enjoy 10% to 25% on food, oil changes, family activities, a membership at the local gym, hair care – the neat thing is, your group can provide a wishlist merchants you want to participate.

Are Fundraiser Cards Part of Your Fundraising Efforts? Why They Should Be

Fundraiser Card Back

fundraiser cards really benefit everyone all the way around; the customer gets to save money, the merchants attract new business, and your group or organization can easily and quickly raise a substantial amount of money.

Fundraising Cards – #1 For a Reason

The reason that fundraising cards are one of the easiest products you can sell is that the customer pays only $10 and gets to save on all of the offers on the back of the card for a one year time period.

Fundraiser Cards – The Ultimate Way to Raise Funds for Your Project

Fundraiser cards are a top fundraising product today not only because of the profit margins, but because there is very little work or planning involved.

Fundraiser Cards Make for Successful Fundraising

fundraiser cards are the one way that you can raise the funds you need quickly and with much less effort than other methods you may have tried.

How Fundraiser Cards Make Your Project a Success with Far Less Work

When you need to raise funds for a school athletic group, new playground equipment at the elementary school, or the church youth group summer trip, fundraiser cards are an easy way to accomplish your goals.

Fundraiser Cards Are an Excellent Solution For Your Groups Fundraising Needs

Fundraiser cards make it easy on the person who directs the event, as well as those selling the product. Customers love them because of the real value they offer at a minimal expense.