Fundraising Discount Cards: Easy, Effective, Fun Fundraising

Fundraising discount cards are easy to store, they won’t spoil and they don’t take a lot of room up. In addition, they really sell themselves. Customers who buy these cards will probably already be patrons of the businesses that are offering a discount on the discount cards, meaning that they’re really a “win-win” for everyone. Businesses get free advertisement and attract new customers, customers get a discount, and you get money for your cause

How Fundraising Discount Cards Work to Help You Raise Money Quickly

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a decade, there’s hardly a doubt that you have heard of fundraising discount cards. It’s truly amazing that so many churches, schools and other organizations continue to go about raising money the hard way when fundraising discount cards make it so easy! There is far less work and effort involved, the product sells incredibly well, and your profits go through the roof.

How to Have a Successful Fundraiser With Fundraising Discount Cards

Fundraising discount cards allow the consumer to use the cards that they purchased in order to get discounts at various stores at different locations. Some card holders will save many hundreds of dollars by using their discount card on a regular basis at participating locations.

This provides an advantage to the consumer, the organization and also to the businesses as they are gaining a long term customer.

Fundraising Discount Cards Offer More Than Incredible Profits

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One reason (and there are several) that many churches and non-profit organizations love fundraising discount cards is because they are so easy to sell. Considering that customers can save at a dozen or more local and national merchants for a one year time period after the initial purchase of the card, it’s easy to see why they sell quickly. Who wouldn’t want to save on services and goods for the small price of $10? Savings on eating out, hair cuts, move rentals, family activities, oil changes and other services make it a great deal for the customer.

Fundraising Discount Cards – The Perfect Fundraiser


There’s really no other product or activity that compares when it comes to an easy sell, minimal preparation, incredible profits and real value to the customer.Some of the deals and bargains you will find on the cards are for an oil change, haircut, the local pizza parlor or even for eyeglasses or the health club. There is literally no limit to what kinds of deals can be placed on these cards, depending on which merchants want to participate. Which brings up another point.

Why Fundraising Discount Cards Should Be Included in Every Effort Made to Raise Funds

Fundraising discount cards just make sense, and the value offered means that many more customers are likely to buy.

How Fundraising Discount Cards Work to Make Raising Money Both Fun & Profitable

What exactly are fundraising discount cards? For those not familiar with this method of raising money, they are wallet-sized cards that offer discounts on products and services at local merchants in your own area. Generally, there are about 12 to 15 merchant offers on the back of the fundraising discount cards; the front of the card will contain your organization name or logo, whichever you specify.

Tried Fundraising Discount Cards? If You Haven’t, Find Out What You’re Missing

Fundraising discount cards offer exceptional value to the customer; they can save an incredible amount of money over the span of a year, so they easily see the value in the product you are offering.

Why Fundraising Discount Cards are the Most Popular Choice for Fundraisers

Fundraising discount cards are not only an easy item to sell, they make the whole process simpler overall – even the planning. If you have been through this before, you know that the planning stages can be stressful; you may have undertaken a much bigger project than you originally thought. Many people make mistakes with their first few attempts at raising money.

Discount Cards Make Raising Money Easy, Even in Weak Economic Times

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Discount cards are considerably more profitable than other fundraising products, and are an easy to sell item that produce great results. In fact, most members of your group will easily generate 5 sales, so you can easily see how effective this method of fundraising is. No matter the size of your group or organization, this is by far the most efficient way to raise the money you need for any cause.