Fundraising Cards for Schools Make Easy Work of Raising the Money You Need

Fundraising cards for schools have long been one of the easiest and least stressful methods of raising money for school groups and organizations. Most schools have several fundraisers during the year, whether for updates to the library, an educational trip …

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School Fundraising Cards Offer Big Profits For Your Cause

School fundraising cards make the entire process simple and easy; no catalogs or candy to lug around, and a great product that people in the community will gladly spend money on!

Fundraising Discount Cards – A Great Way to Raise Money For Your Organization

Fundraising discount cards allow the user to save many times the price of the card. When you offer discounts and savings for as many as fifteen merchants in your area, those who buy will use the card over and over. Because of the value, selling fundraising discount cards is even easier than selling goods that are consumed.

School fundraising ideas – How to run a successful raffle

If you are struggling for school fundraising ideas, what better way to raise money for your cause than return to the basics and include a raffle at your next fundraising event!

Raffles are a regular feature in many a fundraiser and can be a great success if they are run well. They are fun for everyone involved, providing excitement for the buyers of tickets that can be shared with the organizers.

Fundraising Discount Cards For Church Groups

One of the most common promotional fundraisers, fundraising discount cards can raise the greatest profits for your fundraising cause. Fundraising discount cards are a great option for a close community, especially if you have specific, local merchants in mind. Most …

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