Triple Key Tag Fundraising Cards

Triple Key tag fundraising card sample

Triple Key Tag Fundraising Cards are becoming the most sought after fundraiser card style. They offer the greatest value to the card holder with up to 21 local and national merchants. They are also the highest profit per card fundraiser for you organization. That is not even mentioning the extra value to the top three merchants, so it pays for them to give the best offers they can so that they can be considered for a key tag.

Nearly all of the offers on your card will be continuous use offers, however if a merchant is willing to give an exceptional one time offer, then we are willing to accommodate them as well.

Our Triple Key Tag Fundraiser Cards will give you all the best options, with the highest quality and best pricing. Not only do we get all the merchants, we do all the design work, printing and shipping all for one price; we pretty much do it all except actually selling the cards! Even there we can provide you with suggestions, guidance and advice.

When we contact the merchants for your three key tag fundraising cards we are going to get up to 21 local and national merchants specifically for your organization, that way there is never an issue with your cards being accepted.

As with all of our cards

custom design for your organizationWe will create a unique design for the front of your card.Triple key tage fundraising cardLow Price Guarantee
quality discountWe will provide you with the highest quality with the best options.
We print your productWe will print the cards and ground ship them to you at no additional cost.
we organize your FundraiserWe will teach you how to organize your fundraiser.
no extra hidden chargesThere are NEVER any hidden fees or extra charges!!!
200 for freeGet 200 free for every 1000 ordered!
no upfront moneyNo up front money for most registered non-profit groups

Triple Key Tag Fundraising Cards

Cards Ordered Cost Per Card* Your Total Cost Profit Margin** Total Profit!**
300 $7.00 $2,100.00 65% $3,900.00
600 $5.00 $3,000.00 75% $9,000.00
1,000 (+ 200 Free)
$4.00 ($3.34) $4,000.00 100% $20,000.00
2,000 (+ 400 Free) $3.75 ($3.13) $7,500.00 101.3% $40,500.00
3,000 (+ 600 Free) $3.50 ($2.92) $10,500.00 102.5% $61,500.00
5,000 (+ 1000 Free) $3.25 ($2.71) $16,250.00 103.8% $103,750.00
Any number of cards over 300 cards can be ordered; however, price breaks make these order sizes the most cost effective.
* Bold amount in parenthesis calculates approximate cost per card including the free cards 
** Profit margin and total profit expect all cards received being sold for $10 including the 200 cards free.